Government Polytechnic, Ratnagiri.

शासकीय तंत्रनिकेतन, रत्नागिरी.

Established 1961 (Government of Maharashtra)

MSBTE Academic Monitoring Committee has been awarded "Excellent" remark to Electrical, Electronics Department and "Very Good" remark to computer, Civil, Mechanical Engineering Department for the A.Y.2015-16
ARC centre is available for First Year & Direct Second Year Admission in GPR,Ratnagiri.



Sr.No. Course Name / Year / Semester Master Code Download
1 Civil Engineering I-Semester CE1G Click Here
2 Civil Engineering II-Semester CE2G Click Here
3 Civil Engineering III-Semester CE3G Click Here
4 Civil Engineering IV-Semester CE4G Click Here
5 Civil Engineering V-Semester CE5G Click Here
6 Civil Engineering VI-Semester CE6G Click Here
7 Computer Engineering I-Semester CO1G Click Here
8 Computer Engineering II-Semester CO2G Click Here
9 Computer Engineering III-Semester CO3G Click Here
10 Computer Engineering IV-Semester CO4G Click Here
11 Computer Engineering V-Semester CO5G Click Here
12 Computer Engineering VI-Semester CO6G Click Here
13 Electrical Engineering I-Semester EE1G Click Here
14 Electrical Engineering II-Semester EE2G Click Here
15 Electrical Engineering III-Semester EE3G Click Here
16 Electrical Engineering IV-Semester EE4G Click Here
17 Electrical Engineering V-Semester EE5G Click Here
18 Electrical Engineering VI-Semester EE6G Click Here
19 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering I-Semester EJ1G Click Here
20 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering II-Semester EJ2G Click Here
21 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering III-Semester EJ3G Click Here
22 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering IV-Semester EJ4G Click Here
23 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering V-Semester EJ5G Click Here
24 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering VI-Semester EJ6G Click Here
25 Mechanical Engineering I-Semester ME1G Click Here
26 Mechanical Engineering II-Semester ME2G Click Here
27 Mechanical Engineering III-Semester ME3G Click Here
28 Mechanical Engineering IV-Semester ME4G Click Here
29 Mechanical Engineering V-Semester ME5G Click Here
30 Mechanical Engineering VI-Semester ME6G Click Here
31 D. Pharmacy I-Year PH1S Click Here
32 D. Pharmacy II-Year PH2S Click Here


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