Government Polytechnic, Ratnagiri.

शासकीय तंत्रनिकेतन, रत्नागिरी.

(An institute of Government of Maharashtra)
( Established in 1961)



Sr.No. Course Name / Year / Semester Master Code Download
1 Civil Engineering I-Semester CE1I Click Here
2 Civil Engineering II-Semester CE2I Click Here
3 Civil Engineering III-Semester CE3I Click Here
4 Civil Engineering IV-Semester CE4I Click Here
5 Civil Engineering V-Semester CE5I Click Here
6 Civil Engineering VI-Semester CE6I Click Here
7 Computer Engineering I-Semester CO1I Click Here
8 Computer Engineering II-Semester CO2I Click Here
9 Computer Engineering III-Semester CO3I Click Here
10 Computer Engineering IV-Semester CO4I Click Here
11 Computer Engineering V-Semester CO5I Click Here
12 Computer Engineering VI-Semester CO6I Click Here
13 Electrical Engineering I-Semester EE1I Click Here
14 Electrical Engineering II-Semester EE2I Click Here
15 Electrical Engineering III-Semester EE3I Click Here
16 Electrical Engineering IV-Semester EE4I Click Here
17 Electrical Engineering V-Semester EE5G Click Here
18 Electrical Engineering VI-Semester EE6G Click Here
19 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering I-Semester EJ1I Click Here
20 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering II-Semester EJ2I Click Here
21 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering III-Semester EJ3I Click Here
22 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering IV-Semester EJ4I Click Here
23 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering V-Semester EJ5I Click Here
24 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering VI-Semester EJ6I Click Here
25 Mechanical Engineering I-Semester ME1I Click Here
26 Mechanical Engineering II-Semester ME2I Click Here
27 Mechanical Engineering III-Semester ME3I Click Here
28 Mechanical Engineering IV-Semester ME4I Click Here
29 Mechanical Engineering V-Semester ME5I Click Here
30 Mechanical Engineering VI-Semester ME6I Click Here
31 D. Pharmacy I-Year PH1S Click Here
32 D. Pharmacy II-Year PH2S Click Here


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Central Govt. Scholarship

EBC Concession