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Department of Science & Humanities

About Department

The Department of Science and Humanities is considered as the base of Engineering. It consists of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English disciplines. The Department fulfills the aim to provide knowledge in basic science to foster the fundamental principles to enhance the student’s basic knowledge of engineering. The faculty members of the department are highly qualified, experienced and goal oriented. The main motto of the department is to implant outcome based education along with value based education. Beside academics the Department inculcates ethics and moral values among the students to develop their personality, communication and soft skills to be globally competent.

Faculty Details

Prof. T. A. Guhagarkar

Lecturer in Physics

  • 7276588469
Sonali D Deshmukh


  • 9423119607
Prof.A. A. Mulye

Lecturer in Chemistry View Profile

  • 9890476995
Prof. V. K. Vayakos

Lecturer in English

  • 9421858522
Prof.P. P. Chavhan

Lecturer in Mathematics

  • 9403155465
Prof.N.B. Jambhalikar

Lecturer in Chemistry

  • 9284506052


  • 9422158003
Prof. Vilas Chandrakant Pathak

Lecturer in English

  • Vilaspathak10@gmal,com
  • 9423731075